What flavor cloud are you running?  Need an advanced monitoring stack in place to understand how Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, etc. is performing?

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Microsoft Exchange on Office 365?

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Our vendor agnostic tools work across all Operating Systems you’re running.  

Our all-in-one platform monitors routers and switches too! 

We recommend a polling feed to let you know when issues arise.

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Concerned about your Quality of Service (QoS) metrics?

Want to know your Mean Opinion Score (MOS) for your voice services?

Let’s monitor your voice applications for call quality!

Give your team 24×7 visibility into site performance:

  • up-time
  • statistics
  • time period trending
  • and much, much more.

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Global IT Asset Performance Monitoring


Obsessed With Performance?  We Are.

As a matter of course, we ask business owners how they’re currently monitoring their existing systems.  More often then not, we find that many simply rely on employees or customers letting them know something isn’t working!  We feel like that’s akin to driving a car with no dashboard.  What’s the use in having an advanced networked customer service system, if your organization is struggling to understand how it’s actually performing in production?  Having the ability to monitor your systems’ critical aspects of performance will lead to numerous benefits, not the least of which is a point A from which to measure future gains in system efficiencies.


Whether it’s customer specific tools, or our in-house monitoring platform, ServiceSpy recommends a comprehensive monitoring schema.  It should include such areas as bandwidth links, in order to keep an eye on a crucial data circuits, mission critical applications such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), server status, cloud services, websites, etc.  A properly implemented monitoring system will provide insights not only into up/down status, but more importantly proactive, actionable IT intelligence, historical trending, and quality metrics.  In sum, these detailed insights can provide a proper dashboard from which to measure the systems side, in the customer service experience between your employees, partners, and clients.


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