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Having trouble picking the right cloud vendor?  Cloud Compute, storage, collocation, and associated services.

Or, do you require a company that will provide the complete solution?

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Dialers, Recorders, Speech Systems, Social Integration, AI, bots, SMS, and more.  Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) can provide rich omni-channel presence while dramatically shortening the turn-around time on implementation.  As a matter of course, we partner with all the best providers in the industry.  

Let’s talk about your specific feature and deal requirements…  We partner with  your organization throughout the technology adoption life cycle to ensure you’re making the most of your cloud services investment.

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Cybersecurity resources and services from top vendors.  Get your “in-house” expertise in an affordable monthly package through cybersecurity as a service offerings.  Security Information and Event Monitoring (SIEM), Unified Threat Management (UTM), Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS), Log Analysis, Remediation, Penetration Testing, Audits, and more.

Don’t want to pay for full-time staff?

Connectivity solutions from basic Internet to SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Network), fiber, copper, wireless, etc.

Need to manage your sites in a single pane of glass?

Desktop as a Service, Disaster recovery and business continuity services, mobility, or managing myriad IOT (Internet of Things) devices…  

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Also known as UCaaS, or CPaaS, vendors abound in this space.  Features include inbound voice (PBX) processing, video conferencing, collaboration, presence management, and many other standard business must haves.  How is your business going to sort through the field and ensure a good fit?

Would you like a personalized feature and/or program comparison?


Analysis Paralysis in the Back-Office?

There’s a plethora of players in the cloud-based telecommunications space these days, and wading through the various options can be a nebulous exercise at best.  We offer clarity in the process by first gaining an understanding of your business needs, goals, and feature requirements.  Acting as a technical 3rd party sounding board, we match up your feature list to available offerings from the industry’s top providers, essentially holding your hand as we stroll through the clouds!  While it may sound cheesy, it’s just what the market needs, and can ease the anxiety you may face with the choice and transition your business is making.  Whether it’s an outdated phone system replacement, a green-field installation, or bolting on a cloud-based feature application, we’d love to help you navigate the options and help you find a solution.  

Find your Happy Place while someone else manages the Data Center!

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