Technical 3rd Party Analysis and Support

Technologists with deep industry expertise render thoughtful review of your topic considering current trends, providers, and analyst opinions, combined with our in-house learning tools and big data.

What can we research for you?

Call it “Cloud Concierge” if you like, but we’re able to simplify this otherwise painful process by helping hand-pick and work with your chosen provider through implementation.

May we help you pick a winner!?

Is meeting governmental or industry mandates a concern for your organization?  Preparing for for an audit?  Our state of the art assessment tools can supply the reporting you need to back up your claim of compliance.

How will your organization comply?

Using the best data sources and deep industry expertise we compare your unique customer requirements against an ever growing field of potential vendors. 

Who would you like to compare?

Adding a new technical product or service to your portfolio?  Our teams love to get in front of the development curve!

What would you like to implement?

Most organizations deal with several different cloud providers over the course of any given day. 

Wouldn’t you like to know you’re getting the best deal possible?

Need to ramp up the team, but can’t afford a full head count?  Our Consulting as a Service options can provide a monthly block of hours for use as your organization requires.

How many hours do you need?

Does your organization have aging technical business assets?  Our team can help you migrate from legacy on-premise environments and architectures to cloud-based services.

How will you upgrade your services?

Need help defining your technical needs for an RFP/RFI?  Our expert generalists and seasoned solution engineers can assist customers across a wide variety of domains and industries.  

What is your proposal?


How may we help YOUR business?